What is the Character Reference Bible? 

The Character Reference Bible is a tool for conforming your own character and the character of your children to God’s word.

It comes as a kit that lets you put tabs on the Godly character traits and virtues that you wish to learn or teach. Thus you can access God’s wisdom quickly when you need it. With the tabs are questions that can be attached in the margins of your Bible, which help you to examine your own life.

Also included is a comprehensive study guide and instruction book which directs you to a deeper study of God’s principles.

Suggested Uses for the Character Reference Bible 
Family Devotions
Times of Correction
Personal study
Memorizing scripture
Child raising guide

Before sending young adults off into the world

The Kit Includes:
One Wide Margin Bible (NASB, NKJV, or ESV)
Study Guide and Instruction Book
297 Repositionable Page Tabs
362  Question  Labels
3 Positioning Guides
2 Guide Stickers