Well, it actually started out as disappointing news!

Within 2 weeks I found that the ESV and NKJV Bibles had been discontinued! That meant alot of work to re-format  the CRB for those versions. But, in doing so, I found 2 much better formats (I love the new Journaling Bibles for Character Reference Bibles!) and a way to let those of you who have several Bibles around the house (Grandmother's legacy Bible, perhaps) or a favorite translation that I have not yet made a CRB for, to use your own Bible and still create a very useful Character Reference Bible. Check out the NEW Universal Character Reference Bible Kit! you supply the Bible and I'll give you what you need to make it work. (Bibles  do need to be large margin if you want the questions and at least 5' by 7")



   The foundation of character training is honesty. Without honesty, every other virtue falls flat. One becomes known as a liar and no amount of kindness, purity, or respectfulness can overcome that. Because lying can become a habit and as a child grows older becomes harder and harder for a parent to be certain about, it is important to teach and enforce the importance of speaking the truth at all times.

   This must be addressed as soon as your child is able to answer questions.

   The first step is to teach the difference between true and false. You want to be certain your child understands what is the truth and what is a lie. This isn’t as difficult as child psychologists want us to believe. Simply spend a few sessions over a few days asking simple questions and answering. Here is an example:

    At lunch, you down with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. “Is this a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?  “Yes, it is. That is the truth.” Then also say, “But what if I said, “No, it isn’t. It’s a ham sandwich.” That would be a lie! How terrible! We need to always tell the truth! You can always trust me to tell the truth, just like I can always trust you to tell the truth.”
  You should find many ways to give examples over several days. During that time, make an effort to not ask questions of your child that gives him the opportunity to lie, especially questions like, “Did you hit your sister?”  (When he knows that punishment will come with an affirmative answer.) Once you are certain he understands the difference between truth and falsehood you can dramatically  --- enforce “Truth at all times.” Punish for misbehavior as needed but make it clear that lying is a much greater offence. If you take a few days or weeks to consistently watch and then question your child about everything, you can establish a habit of truthfulness that will pay off when he is older and you cannot watch every moment. 

Family Devotionals

   If you are on this site, you probably have a desire to study God’s word with your family on a daily basis. For this I applaud you.
   Keeping His words in the forefront of our lives is exactly what God asked the children of Israel to do, “You shall talk of them when you sit in your house and when you walk by the way and when you lie down and when you rise up.” Deut 6:7
   Even though you are busy with baseball, soccer, PTO, work and all the other things this world keeps us involved with, make time to teach your children both formally and informally. You will never regret the time you spend in imparting God’s words to young minds that now, eagerly want to learn. Having daily or nightly devotionals with their families are one of the major components you want your child to remember about his childhood.
   You can use the Character Reference Bible to study through each subject, choose a favorite to memorize as well as turn to a needed verse in times of stress. There are also daily reading plans, lesson books, Bible story books and even fun activities that you can do to make this a part of your family identity. I encourage you to choose any Bible based plan and do it. You can change to something different after a few months, you can change as your children grow to subjects that they are interested in, but as long as you keep your study based on God’s words you will not go wrong. And you will enrich your children’s lives.
   Don’t forget to include prayer in your devotions. Your children need to hear your reliance on God though prayer. They need to hear you praying for their spiritual maturity and growth. What you pray for them will become what they want to be. Pray for wisdom, pray for good decisions, pray for spiritual maturity, pray for a godly spouse (that loves her mother-in-law,)
   Parent with Purpose. Make a plan to raise your children to love God and don’t get side tracked with the business of this life.

Why the Character Reference Bible Was Created

   As many of you know I began this project for my children and their children.
    I wanted a way for the parents to reach the hearts of their children quickly and concisely when teaching them the character traits that God wants to see in their lives.
Along the way, I realized that I needed this study just as much as my grandchildren. I needed to correct some character flaws in my own life and there is nothing better than the words and advice of a loving Father to do that.
   I have long loved the Proverbs of Solomon for their “down to earth” advice on living in this world, “under the sun.” These short and pithy statements help all of us to realize that God cares about how we live our everyday lives, knowing that everyday decisions show our heart and it is our heart that God wants to change.
   I hope that you will use God’s words to change and refine your heart. I hope that by reading His words and applying them to your life, you can become the person He wants you to be.