Why the Character Reference Bible Was Created

   As many of you know I began this project for my children and their children.
    I wanted a way for the parents to reach the hearts of their children quickly and concisely when teaching them the character traits that God wants to see in their lives.
Along the way, I realized that I needed this study just as much as my grandchildren. I needed to correct some character flaws in my own life and there is nothing better than the words and advice of a loving Father to do that.
   I have long loved the Proverbs of Solomon for their “down to earth” advice on living in this world, “under the sun.” These short and pithy statements help all of us to realize that God cares about how we live our everyday lives, knowing that everyday decisions show our heart and it is our heart that God wants to change.
   I hope that you will use God’s words to change and refine your heart. I hope that by reading His words and applying them to your life, you can become the person He wants you to be.