Resources and Activities

Journey to Holiness: Practical Strategies for Overcoming Sin and Bearing More Spiritual Fruit,    L Maydell  

A Holy Seed,  Using God's Wisdom to Nurture Our Children,     L Maydell   

The Original 21 Rules of This House,  Josh and Greg Harris 

The Christian Counselor’s Manual, Jay Adams (Details on the “Family Counsel Table” method of solving family issues)

Proverbs for Parenting, Barbara Decker


Character Reinforcement Ideas

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Take your child to a thrift store, walk down the toy aisle and look at all the thrown out toys, comment that here, poor parents can purchase toys for their children. Go home and make a bag to donate.


Courage Bracelet; add a bead or medal to a bracelet every time your child shows bravery. (tells the truth when it hurts, defends right, opposes evil.)


Write on a piece of paper whatever you need to forgive and/or "let go of." Pray and then burn the paper.


Write or draw thank you notes for every kind deed or gift.






Trophy” for Kindest activity of the week by a child..
"What Do You Do When" game.     Child or parent asks, " What do you do when..." for  difficult or new situations. The first answer must be outrageous, the second answer the best way to deal with a situation. ( Adapted from Family Fun Magazine, Dec. 2014, Guest and Host game by Sherill Hatch .)






Sometimes you have to explain what a lie is. For a great object lesson got to: .




Let children earn money and learn to save, spend and give with even the smallest amounts.




Lollipop Illustration
While you talk about purity, unwrap a lollipop for each child and roll it in a bowl of dirt, give the children a choice of a clean lollipop or the dirty ones. Application= Do you want to be clean or dirty?

Problem Solving

Developing Family Closeness:
        Work together; Chores that help the whole family
        Play together; Camping (as primitive as tolerable)
        Develop since of a uniqueness
        Family Mottoes
        Limit TV and other individual activities






The Marshmallow exercise:
Give you child a marshmallow. Tell him you will give him 2 marshmallows if he will wait for 2-10 minutes (increase time as age increases.) Teach your child how to succeed: not touching, playing with something else while he waits, etc. 

Role play possible difficult situations to prepare how you will handle them.




Overcoming Sin



Chores are a good thing! Time and effort invested in anything makes it important to us. As part of the family, we all have responsibilities.