Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my own Bible?
          YES as of June 1, 2018!!  We now have developed a kit for almost any wide margin bible.  Your Bible needs to be at least 5" wide and 7" long,  larger is better; but if you have a Bible that you want to use or a translation that is not below. you can now order the "Universal Character Reference Bible Kit." ($45.00)

         However, if you'd like the "best fit,"  we encourage you to consider one of the kits that include a Bible. The ESV and NKJV are "Journaling" Bibles and the tabs you receive will be specifically designed for your Bible. The NASB has a wide margin and side reference column, giving plenty of space for the questions to be inserted.

          All Bibles are high quality Bibles. Pictures of each can be found on the "Version" page.            


How long will it take to make the Character Reference Bible?  
           About 40 hours. 


Can I purchase a pre-made Bible?                                                                                Yes, on the order form check "pre-made bible" in the version box and in the comment box state what version you would like. We will respond by email to tell you what is in our current inventory.


Why is it so expensive?
            This is a big project with many possibilities of error. Since you will be investing so much time and effort in making your Character Bible, only quality, "mistake proof" materials are used. We try to keep the cost as low as possible without sending out a kit that will not stand up to use for many years or will be too difficult to make. The Bibles that are suitable are also expensive: NASB $37.00, NKJV $57.00, and the ESV $57.00. The cost is high, but the use is well worth the cost.


Can I use highlighters instead of colored pencils?
            Certainly, however, I recommend colored pencils as mistakes can be erased, markers are permanent.


Can you make tabs for my own subject that I want to put in one of the corner spaces?
            Sure, just email the passages and categories you desire, they are 25c each. 


Why do you recommend a large hole sharpener?
            Colored Pencils have very soft “lead”. When you sharpen the lighter colors with a normal pencil sharpener, you will make a longer point, but it will break very easily. Using the large hole makes a “stouter” point, better for those softer colors.


What happens if I ruin a tab or question?
            If there is a problem with the printing or laminating that renders a tab unuseable, mail it to us for a free replacement.