“ I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this process; cutting out the tabs, applying them in the right spots, reading the Bible verses and thinking about the application questions as I worked. It was very, very enriching for me….However, as much as I enjoyed the assembling process, the real purpose of the Character Reference Bible is for us to learn and to grow, as families or as individuals, and for that, it is just so effective.”     Melanie Reynolds for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. Read the complete review at: https://www.theoldschoolhouse.com/product-reviews/?rid=7169

“We love the Character Reference Bible and have used it in so many ways.  It helped my 4 year old when she was struggling with bedtime fears. We use it for Bible study and correction as a family, and for memorization ideas. We are also studying through the topics in our Ladies’ Bible class at our congregation.  The topics are the basic principles that we all need to keep in our hearts and teach our children. The CRB makes it easy to do that.  I love being able to quickly address character problems and look forward to when the children are old enough to go to the Scriptures themselves and answer their own questions. I think every family needs at least one CRB in their home.”

   “ I have found the most helpful aspect of this study Bible is that it causes serious self-examination.  The questions about character and attitudes along with the corresponding Scriptures have helped me learn and focus on specific areas I need to improve about myself.”

   “I thought you’d want to see how our family uses the Character Reference Bible Study for nightly devotionals.”


   The Character Reference Bible has been a great tool in training and molding each of our family members using God's word! It is perfect for daily devotionals and for on-the-spot direction in areas that need improvement and training.  One example that made an impression on me is the effect that our study using the Character Reference Bible had even on our three-year-old.  He and our older son had both needed discipline that day for making excuses about why they had not obeyed and why they weren't able to complete a task that was asked of them.  That evening, we read through the "Excuses" tabs in our Bible.  After discussing the accounts of Adam and Eve in the garden after they had eaten the fruit and Moses's excuses at the burning bush, my three-year-old said, "Mama, I don't want to make 'scuses (excuses).’  It is so nice to have the quick references for character training that are available in the Character Reference Bible.”

   “I first studied through the Character Reference Bible in a Ladies’ Bible class. After making one for myself, I stared to work on one for my college daughter, who I realize will soon be leaving home for good. My surprise was when my high school son asked me to make one for him. He wants to have those scriptures ‘at hand’ when he leaves for college, too.”

   “We love using the Character Reference Bible for our nightly devotionals. But my ‘story’ concerns the Family Council Table that you encouraged us to add to our devos at the Florence Lectures.
   My 6 year old begs to have the Family Counsel Table every night. He seems to desire the clean conscience it gives him to know he has confessed his wrongs and been forgiven by the members of the family.
   My 8 year old has a hard time thinking of anything he did wrong. (So he needs this to learn to review his actions!)
   But the surprise was my 2 ½ year old that understands what we are doing! She piped up, “I hit brother.” I did not know of that occurring during the day, but her older brother confirmed it and was able to forgive her.”

   “What I really appreciate is the thoroughness of each topic, and the application questions for each passage.
I remember the first time I read some of the questions, I cried, because it made God's word so very personal to me.
   One of the hardest things for me, as a new convert was to make application to myself after a sermon.   I was not able to read between the lines even as a middle age adult.  So I believe having the CRB would have helped me tremendously as a young Christian mother without the background of Christianity. It is my prayer and hope that the CRB, will aide our children, as they train up their children in the way they should go. As a new grandparent, I plan to have a copy for myself to use as well!
Eternally grateful, and blessings to you! “

  “ The character reference bible and study guide have been a great resource for my family. I was first introduced to this method of verse study in a ladies bible class. The deeper examination of each scripture that this material outlines has changed the way I read Gods word. I have had the opportunity to use the material for teaching not only my own children but also a group of young ladies in our local homeschool co-op. Making the Bible kit together with my 10 year old daughter was fun for both of us and will be a memory that I will forever cherish. I am thankful for this tool to use on my journey to holiness. “