Which Version?

The Character Reference Bible is currently available in three versions.

The New American Standard Bible is the original CRB. It has a larger font (11 point) and verse format which may make it easier for young children to read.   This Bible is bound in leathertex, a man made material that stands up well to daily use. Published by Foundation Publications, in a bookstore, this Bible retails for $57.00. 

The New King James Version of the Character Reference Bible is in paragraph format and has a smaller font. (8 point) It is a two column bible which allows the question tabs to be placed in the center reference column as well as the top, bottom, and side margins. This is a Cambridge hardback Bible with lots of references, maps, and ruled pages for notes in the back of the Bible. In a bookstore, this Bible retails for $70.00.

The English Standard Version will be available in March of 2015. It is also in a paragraph format with a font size of 9. It has wide margins in a one column format so the question tabs can be placed in the top, side, and bottom margins. This Bible is a Crossway/ Good News Publishing, ESV Legacy edition. It is bound with bonded leather with a suede leather stripe. It retails for $59.00.